Group size

Groups at the Institute of Language are never larger than 5 students. This means that each student will receive much personal attention. This makes the course very intensive for students to take, but also ensures much better understanding and language retention. Taken together with the method of teaching, the courses are designed for quick, easy, but still grammatically correct acquisition of the Dutch language.

Open groups

Some groups are ‘open’ groups, which means that anyone can join them. This would be comparable to a group at a conventional language institute. The schedule of these groups can be found in the sidebar on the right. If you want to apply to one of these groups, send an email to and mention the times of the open group you would like to join. Lessons for the open groups will usually take place twice a week, from 19:30-21:45.

Private groups

Aside from the open groups, it is also possible to form your own group with friends or colleagues. In a familiar environment, many students are more relaxed, which improves the learning experience. The scheduled times for these ‘closed’ groups depend on the availability of all the students, as well as the Institute of Language. If you want to apply with a closed group, send an email to and mention the available preferred times of the group. It is recommended for the group to have 2 sessions a week. The Institute can provide the location in evening times (starting 19:30), or during the day in the weekends. It is also possible to have lessons during the day on weekdays. However, it will then be the closed group’s responsibility to arrange a location. The Institute is very flexible so don’t hesitate to send an email to discuss the possibilities.

Intensive courses

Apart from the evening courses, it is also possible to organize very intensive courses, where the entire course (20 hours) will be held within one week. Please get in touch if you want more information about these courses or availability.