Lesson duration

Courses at the Institute of Language consist of 10 lessons of 2 hours each. In the middle of these lessons, there will be a 15 minute break. Therefore, every meeting will approximately take 135 minutes. The pace of the lessons is quite high, so it is recommended that students attend every lesson. Instruction is by speaking only, there is no use of a textbook. However, all the words and grammar discussed during the lessons are provided to the students in written form, for easy reference. The material used in the course is written by the Institute itself.

Teaching method

During a lesson, the teacher will introduce new words and grammatical concepts. After that, students are asked to translate sentences using this new grammar and vocabulary. At the end, the new knowledge will be reviewed and practiced by discussing common situations in daily life. For these situations, many useful phrases and words are introduced.

Language of instruction

The default language of instruction of open courses is English. However, it is also possible to attend lessons in Swedish. If you are a Swedish native speaker and interested in following a course in Swedish, let us know via info@instituteoflanguage.nl!