The natural language learning process

Learning a language should be a fun and natural learning experience. After all, we all enjoyed learning our mother tongue. Although learning a new language is not as easy as learning the first one, a natural way of learning might improve the speed and reduce the effort of learning. When we learned our mother tongue, we started by speaking and learning patterns. We continuously added patterns and vocabulary, until we were proficient in the language. This way, we obtained a feeling for the language and we were able to express ourselves right away. It makes sense to base our foreign language learning on this natural technique. As an added benefit of being adults, we can read vocabulary for easier memorization by an added visual stimulus, and we can discuss the language and grammar, using a language we’ve already learned.

The Institute as an alternative

Many standard language courses use a course book, often containing boring exercises and irrelevant vocabulary. Also, learning is mainly focused around passive skills such as reading and listening. Learning active skills after learning passive skills can be quite a challenge, but learning passive skills after learning active skills is relatively easy.

The vanRinsum Institute of Language was founded in order to offer an alternative to standard language courses. The material, which has been created by the Institute itself, is based on the principles mentioned here. Students are actively engaged in the learning process from the start, and learn to be able to express themselves quickly. By using speaking as the method of instruction, students will learn their new language in a natural and fast way.