At the moment, the Institute only offers courses for beginners. A follow-up course will be added in the future, so keep checking this page for updates. The content of the beginner’s course is as follows:

Extensive grammar coverage

In just 20 hours, students will be taught most of Dutch grammar, including more advanced topics such as verb tenses, subordinate clauses and compound words. Because many students consider grammar to be one of the hardest and most boring parts of learning a new language, grammar is taught to the students by letting them talk and integrate their new knowledge right away, rather than using written rules and exercises. By teaching grammar in this practical way, focus is put only on how to use the grammar, rather than learning what the rules are called.

Relevant vocabulary

In addition to grammar, the students will learn around 500 of the most common words in the Dutch language, many of which can be used in several conversational situations. Therefore, students will obtain only relevant vocabulary. Also, vocabulary will be taught for a range of situations, so that students are able to use their Dutch as much as possible in daily life.

Suitable for absolute beginners

The courses at the Institute of Language are designed for people with no prior knowledge of Dutch, which means you can join a course as an absolute beginner. However, since you will learn about many advanced topics as well, the courses are also suitable for people with some basic knowledge of Dutch.